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Feb 1, 2023

New Stargate SG1 Zine

NEW! Marzipan SG1 Stories Volume 1 - SG1 zine.

June 1, 2022

New Multifandom Zine

NEW! Marzipan 1: The Ascended Chronicles of an Interfering Archaeologist & Other Tales - multifandom zine.

April 21

Tiv'ester 4

Last in a set of volumes by Tiv’ester. One of my oldest friends and an outstanding author of richly built gen stories full of intricate plots and amazing humor. I hope you enjoy.

11 pt Book Antiqua, with .50 margins. 258 pages, 128402 words. Art by JayEm and Tiv'ester


April 7

Alyjude 7, 8 and 9 Sentinel zines are available now. Look under Miscellaneous.

December 8

Alyjude 6

Sixth in a set of volumes of Alyjude’s Sentinel stories. She’s been kind enough to allow me the honor of presenting her work in TS, SG1 and SGA as zines. Some strories revised by the author. 12 pt book antiqua, with .50 margins. 289 pages, 101098 words. Story Art by Alyjude. Cover art and additional art by Jayem.



Sept 24

Sideburns SGA

This volume contains Sideburns' delightful SGA slash (McShep) stories. 12 pt book antiqua, with standard margins. 88 pages, 260124 words. Art by Sideburns, Eilidh17 and JayEm.


January 3


images of the team, SGC pesonnel, Abydonians, Thor, Lya,the DHD, the Gate, and everyone's favorite villain, Apophis. 20 printable pages with .5 margins. Art by Tay and JayEm.


December 7

Joag 7,8,9,10 Gen available now. Look under gen or showcase




Welcome to Ancient's Gate

This site is devoted to celebrating the show Stargate SG1. While the friendship between the two leads has been allowed to decline somewhat over the seasons, it is still something that remains dear to my heart and probably always will. Through the majority of ten seasons, the deep, abiding friendship of Jack O'Neill and Daniel Jackson will always be the foundation of what made the show a cut above for me.

A note from Jmas:

The outpouring of good thoughts and hope for Ancient's Gate has been most touching. I've appreciated it more than I can say. I've been asked to put a link back on the site for donations. If anyone is inclined to help out the effort to keep this site going, here is a way to do it. Any help is greatly appreciated. Button is set up for increments of 5.


We now have a Facebook group to stay updated on news, events, zines, and more. Feel free to comment any time. ;)










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